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The total output value of Shenzhen robot industry reached 48billion yuan last year. Yesterday, the 2015 International Engineering Science and technology development strategy high-end forum intelligent system: City, information and robot was held in Shenzhen. The forum is hosted by the Chinese Academy of engineering. At present, domestic instrument enterprises are basically composed of three teams: R & D, sales and after-sales, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) undertakes it. Vice Mayor Wu Yihuan attended

the total output value of Shenzhen's robot industry reached 48billion yuan

Wu Yihuan said that at present, Shenzhen is accelerating the construction of echelon modern industrial systems such as strategic emerging industries, future industries and modern service industries. Relying on the advantages and basic support of the development of electronic information industries such as cloud computing, IOT and next-generation Internet, Shenzhen is focusing on the development of robots, wearable devices, intelligent devices, as well as transportation, logistics Smart products and services in home and other key areas. In 2014, the total output value of the robot industry in the city reached 48billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2020, the added value of the machine industry, that is, the reputation evaluator of the company's experimental machine brand in the same industry, wearable devices and intelligent equipment industry will exceed 200billion yuan, and an industrial system with optimized structure, leading scale and perfect supporting facilities will be initially formed

xuyangsheng, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), said that the high-end forum on the strategy of automatic storage and exhibition of sample information, experimental data and experimental curves after the automatic completion of experiments is the highest level forum of the Chinese Academy of engineering. Its main purpose is to gather authoritative academicians at home and abroad to discuss cutting-edge issues in Engineering Science and put forward strategic opinions for the scientific development of the country

intelligent robots have entered the stage of rapid development.

the high-end forum points out that at present, in terms of information technology, emerging technologies such as IOT, big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet have become an important driving force for the growth and development of the world economy, attracting the high attention of scholars at home and abroad, and producing a large number of research results, making information acquisition more comprehensive, processing more efficient and system more secure. Robots are known as the Pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown. With the rapid development of information and manufacturing technology, intelligent robots have entered a stage of rapid development. Intelligent industrial robots improve product quality and industrial efficiency through flexible manufacturing; Intelligent service robots can provide convenient services and improve the comfort of people's lives; Intelligent monitoring robots can enhance the safety of cities; Intelligent rescue robots can enhance the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation

Shenzhen International University Park has begun to take shape

fengxianxue, the mayor of Longgang District, said that in the past two years, innovation driven has become the new normal in Longgang, and Shenzhen International University Park has begun to take shape. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) has opened, the Sino Russian University in cooperation with Beijing Polytechnic University and Moscow University will recruit students next year, the Jida Queensland University in cooperation with Jilin University and Queensland University has also settled in Longgang, and the Shenzhen Institute of international characteristics has settled in the international low carbon city in Longgang, Shenzhen. After the Spring Festival this year, Longgang District has added two new cooperative educational institutions. In addition, cooperation with more than ten international famous universities such as Cornell University is also under negotiation

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