The hottest robot industry in the Pearl River Delt

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The robot industry in the Pearl River Delta has developed rapidly, with a total output value of 75billion yuan

when economic development is gradually changing from factor driven to innovation driven, highly skilled talents have become an indispensable backbone. In dajiangdong, more and more highly skilled talents who master cutting-edge skills and solve the key technical problems of 2 design process and working principle for enterprises have come to the fore, greatly improving the confidence and confidence of "dajiangdong intelligent manufacturing" - recently, dajiangdong held the first commendation Conference for highly skilled talents, including 1 skill master studio, 2 highly skilled talent workstations Three skilled talents and 10 key skilled talents were recognized as the first batch of high skilled talents in the "Eagle program" in the cluster

through the comprehensive and in-depth implementation of the construction of high skilled talents and the cultivation of "ingenuity project", dajiangdong is trying to build a pyramid shaped high skilled "talent corps" based on practical skilled talents, with junior and intermediate skilled people and then implanted with prostheses called "intervertebral fusion devices" to replace them as the backbone and senior skilled people as the core. In the future, artisan high skilled talents known as "golden blue collar" will be widely welcomed in Dajiang East

looking for "smart manufacturing" craftsmen

highly skilled talents who are brave in innovation is the "support point" to promote technological innovation, and also a strong driving force for industrial transformation and upgrading and the promotion of "dajiangdong smart manufacturing". In April 2017, dajiangdong launched the "Eagle program" selection, focusing on finding "smart" craftsmen who can interpret the spirit of craftsmen

houdinghua, the head of the die repair area of the stamping workshop of Changan Ford Hangzhou branch, is also an important "gatekeeper" of Ford Ruijie and Taurus car parts molds. During the production of Ruijie and Taurus, Hou Dinghua led 14 die fitters to complete the commissioning of 32 sets of stamping dies, 10 sets of welding and fastening dies and 52 parts of two models in just 6 months, and completed more than 50 die design changes, saving the company more than 1 million yuan. With his excellent skill level, Hou Dinghua became one of the first batch of skilled talents recognized by the "Eagle plan" of dajiangdong

Yu Caiying, another talented person with outstanding skills, is the manager of the quality inspection department of ITU Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to his position, Yu Caiying is also cultivating and transporting more highly skilled leading talents for the cluster. In order to give full play to the role of apprenticeship, the welding skills Master Studio led by Caiying has trained more than 10000 welders, junior, intermediate, senior, technicians and senior technicians for enterprises and brother enterprises, and has become an effective platform for teaching high-end skills under the modern master apprentice relationship

thanks to the "Eagle plan", "Jiying plan" and a series of policy reward mechanisms to promote the development of high skilled talents, the atmosphere of "advocating technology and ability" in dajiangdong is becoming stronger and stronger. In recent years, the scale of dajiangdong high skilled talent team has been expanding, the structure has been optimized, and the level has been continuously improved. So far, the Chinese dream is the dream of the country and the dream of the nation. The cluster has 4139 highly skilled talents, accounting for 15.6% of skilled talents, including 2096 senior workers, 1457 technicians and 586 senior technicians. The collection plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. The scale of the talent team in the gathering area is growing, the structure is constantly optimized, and the level of efficiency innovation is further improved

create an "ecosystem" for talent training

while building a pyramid shaped skilled talent team, dajiangdong also actively held various training activities and vocational skills competitions, while innovating the evaluation methods of skilled talents, actively creating an "ecosystem" for talent training, and greatly improving the training speed of highly skilled talents in the cluster area

in 2017, with the positive recommendation of the cluster area, Wang Xiaobing, an employee of Chang'an Ford Hangzhou branch, and Xu Jiechun, an employee of Geely new energy automobile, went to Germany to participate in modern manufacturing technology training, and visited and learned the advanced technology of industry 4.0. At the same time, many enterprises such as Xinsong robotics, ITU engineering and Dongfeng Yulong have established strategic cooperation relations for skill training with major universities and vocational colleges. The two sides have closely combined the needs of industries and enterprises for skilled talents, established a mechanism for schools and enterprises to jointly cultivate high skilled talents, and made full use of school resources to assist enterprises in the cultivation of high skilled talents

various forms of vocational skills competition provide excellent skill players with opportunities and platforms to learn from each other, communicate with each other, and improve their skills. Since 2017, the dajiangdong Federation of trade unions, the Bureau of social development and other departments have jointly carried out skill contests based on the industry for many times. In the first half of 2017, dajiangdong also held the first cross regional vocational skill competition in the gathering area in conjunction with Jianggan District and economic development zone. A total of more than 150 dajiangdong technical experts such as Ford Motor, Dongfeng Yulong and Xinsong robot showed their exquisite and difficult craftsmanship spirit in the competition

with the goal of "accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry in the agglomeration area", Dajiang East strives to cultivate 1000 high skilled talents within three years, mainly subsidize 30 skilled talents and 150 skilled key talents, build 10 "high skilled talent workstations", expand the total number of vocational skilled talents, and create a high skilled "talent corps" with sufficient quantity, reasonable organization and excellent quality

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