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Robot longitudinal cutting indentation machine

the new robot longitudinal cutting indentation machine is a recent outstanding research and development achievement of Ma GUI. The equipment has the function of cross feed cutting, and can realize the order switching without clearance. Longitudinal cutting should cut off the experimental motor source knife and Ma GUI's patented technology for continuous sheet order switching. According to the mid-term story report of fiscal 2019 released by the company earlier, the combination of processes makes the switching speed of small orders reach 300 m/min, so as to minimize the waste of paperboard

normal> the robot longitudinal cutting indentation function can switch orders at the processing speed of the production line. The order switching can be completed in 0.3 seconds, and the accuracy has reached the industry-leading level

normal> this product has multiple slitting and indentation benches. When the second workbench is running, it can be set on the first workbench. Maybe many people think that as long as the metal is electroplated, it can achieve a uniform and dense surface effect. When the current order exits, the new order can enter, and the order switching speed can be consistent with the processing speed of the production line. No gap and natural gap order switching are applicable

normal> the combined tool enables a single indentation tool to produce up to 3 kinds of indentation. The indentation workbench of standard components can provide zero indentation interval, and the manual auxiliary workbench can carry out customized indentation processing for those who wish to operate the experimental machine. This design is conducive to maximize the positioning of repetition. Moreover, the product adopts a temperature control box structure, which is 10 times harder than the typical ventilation duct, and can well control the indentation depth of various levels of paperboard

normal> robot slitting indentation machine can also be combined with Magui razorset thin knife slitting system. The slitting quality provided by razorset thin knife slitting system can be said to be the standard of corrugated box industry. The product has a separate knife sharpening equipment and a rotary low anvil cylinder pad, which can minimize the dust of paperboard, improve the efficiency and quality of flexographic printing, reduce trimming and eliminate the delamination of longitudinal cutting edges

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