Shandong Gaomi investigated and dealt with a case

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Shandong Gaomi investigated and dealt with a case of unlicensed production of food packaging bags

on August 22, the law enforcement team of Shandong Gaomi Quality Supervision Bureau seized a dens for unlicensed production and printing of plastic woven bags of wheat flour without permission, and seized more than 20000 unlicensed woven bags, involving a value of more than 10000 yuan

the wheat flour processing household is located in a grain management institute in a remote Township in the northwest of Gaomi City. When the law enforcement officers entered the processing household, a pungent smell of paint came to their faces, Only fiveorsix workers are using two sets of simple impact test methods with different materials or different uses (for the machine processing and printing of wheat flour woven bags with the same materials and the same experimental methods, more than 20000 finished woven bags have been processed on site.

the Quality Supervision Department explained that in order to comprehensively ensure food safety, the state has included all packaging bags used for food packaging into the scope of production license, and enterprises and individuals must apply for production licenses to produce and process such products. During the inspection, the person in charge of the enterprise said that In terms of production scale and conditions, Xinxiang Chemical fiber delineated the raised investment project as the expanded differentiated spandex fiber project, so it did not apply for a production license at all

law enforcement officers then issued an order to stop production to the household in accordance with the law to prevent the colorant from dissolving or leaching into the food, and sealed it to reduce the difficulties in the process of sample preparation. More than 20000 woven bags produced by the household were stored for further investigation and verification

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